Iori Itagaki presents control tuberculosis in monkey facilities

Report 2013: Part 1 - 11

I have no pictures of me speaking in the meeting. Anyway, my presentation this year is about tuberculosis in NHPs.

Biological and pathologic features of tuberculosis in macaque monkeys differs from the human's, even Mycobacterium can easily transfer between these two species.

Tuberculous monkeys die suddenly without any clinical signs in most cases. Frequent tuberculin skin testing with well-established method is the only way to find a tuberculous monkey in present moment. Anergy, an immuno-tolerance condition for Mycobacterium, however, remains a significant problem for interfered immunological reactions in skin testing.

We have to know more about tuberculosis in NHPs to control the disease. ASPCD would like to centralize fragmentary information of the tuberculosis in NHPs.