Khajornpong Nakgoi examines zoonotic antibodies in conserved NHPs

Report 2013: Part 1 - 09

We have believed non-human primates in wildlife mediate some zoonotic deceases as the example of Ebola hemorrhagic fever shows. However, we are not actually sure about other diseases if they have their own "natural" infectious cycles involving NHPs and humans.

Khajornpong Nakgoi in Kasetsart University, Thailand, examined the antibody levels of several viral diseases in 66 macaques and 9 gibbons which are kept in Krabok Koo Wildlife Breeding Center.

The macaques have highly positive rates in Herpes virus (42%) and Japanese Encephalitis virus (15%), while Hepatitis B virus (56%) in addition to them (56 and 67%) in the gibbons.

He said necessity of disease control for the monkeys being released to natural environment, and quarantine for newly arrived monkeys to keep the facility staff and monkeys safe from zoonotic diseases.