Nur Purba Priambada repots gibbons femoral fracture case

Report 2013: Part 1 - 06

Everybody climbing tree has the chance to fall by accident.

Even in a gibbon, which is completely arboreal primate, sometime fall to injure with slight miscalculation or error. They always have dangers to meet a predator or agonistic conspecific encounters.

Nur Purba Priambada, from Kalaweite, Indonesia, engaged in a gibbon conservation project, reported a case of young male gibbon in lower left femur fracture caused by a drop to the hard floor due to tough fighting with its mate.

The fracture fixed by the usual procedure, but he found another problem, hip dislocation, when the monkey recovered from the fracture.

The gibbon has gotten a hind-body malfunction for the hip dislocation, which is found too late for enough treatment. It is living now with the handicap as its nature.