Serena Oh, for Chronic air sacculitis in a orangutan

Report 2013: Part 1 - 04

Serena Oh is a veterinarian working for wildlife conservators in Singapore. She introduced a case of chronic air sacculitis in young male orangutan.

Air sac locates in throat of male adult orangutan make his call loud enough extend more than one kilometer to keep other males away. Bacterial infection to air sac is infrequent in orangutans, starting from upper airway and possible causing pneumonia, thromboembolism and septicemia.

The case started to show coughing and nasal discharge since he was eight years old, and progressed to air sacculitis fills purulent exudate inside the sac in his age of fourteen.

Treatments with oral antibiotics, oral anti-inflammatory agents and air sac draining have shown little effects in this hard case.