As a member of friendly and supportive organizations for Asian Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (ASZWM) / Asian College of Conservation Medicine (ACCM), ASPCD studies the ways to conserve NHPs and their diseases.

To know more about NHPs, we are going to;

  1. Centralize fragmented and scattered information about diseases and conservation of NHPs around Asia.

  2. Expand the network of relationship and information among all veterinarians, researchers conservation staff working with NHPs all over Asian countries.

  3. Educate young Asian scientists and students for future research activities for NHPs.

  4. Plan and coordinate a NHP session in every ASZWM meeting or related satellite workshop.

Asian Society for Primate Conservation and Diseases (ASPCD) is a professional, scientific and veterinary medical group established bring together clinical, pathologic and biological scientists in the studies of non-human primates (NHPs).

Asia is huge from tropical area to mostly subarctic zone, holding a great number of NHP spices and a plenty of unopened information about them.

The goal of the society is to conserve wild and captive NHPs to build good relationship between human being and NHPs.


ASPCD is a member of ASZWM / ACCM group organizations, working together with the following scientific societies;

  1. Asian Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (ASZWM)

  2. Society of Primate Diseases and Pathology (SPDP)


Check the story of ASPCD beginning on a presentation document prepared by Prof. T. Yanai.

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